Cambam - Bug report (V1.0)

Last update: 19-Sep-2017 20:53

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Print function

after printing, the background colour of the CB screen change to gray, the cambam main form must be minimized/maximized to retrieve the previous background color, and to be able to draw something (only on XP, no pb on 7)

Works well on a PDF print, but the lines are not visible on a true printer if the layer pen width is set to 0 (the default) ; it must a least set to 1. (Canon LPB5050 – laser color) – maybe a check can be done before printing to switch the width to 1 if it is 0 on the layer (very clean result with 1 ; 2 or more also give good results)

White lines are not visible ; I know that in AutoCad, all white lines are switched to black on the printed document. (and only the white lines)

setting for B&W, color or monochrome are not saved when exiting CB

3D objects are flat if printed.

the buttons on the top of the print form are not translatable the context menu is not translatable



Post processor (rotary section)

linear axis written in the Gcode in addition to the rotary axis. (ex: G0 X0.0 Y-5.0 A0.0) when using the wrap option.

      Past format not working, return "unable to cast System.Byte[] to"   solved
      threading mop not working, toolpath are not drawn (but Gcode is ok) and if other mop are present, that disturb the whole display.


    Spline to polyline conversion don't use spline>polyline tolerance setting, resulting polyline are not arcfit
      Draw->Pointlist->From Text File is missing from the main menu and exist only in the context menu (0.98, 1.0)    

Bitmap object (R 13_4)

  • If we change the values for height and width in the property grid, the picture is resised, but not the vectors (but that works if we use transform/scale or the transformation matrix
  • If we change the image in the source file property, the new image is loaded and displayed, but the height/width values for the new image are not updated and theedge detection do not match the new image