Copy to PointList

This plugin allow to copy one or more drawing object (of any type) to the matching position defined by the points of a point list. In addition you can define a value for rotation/scale of each copy.




Last version / Date

V 2.0 - date: 09 April 2020

Download plugin

DownLoad for V1.0 only (32 & 64 bits)


Before running the script, select a point list then the other objects to distribute. The point list must be the first object in the selection.

Run the Copy To Pointlist plugin via the Plugins menu.

The center of the drawing (the cross) is used as center point for the objects to copy

If you leave scale at 1 and rotation at 0 the selected objects will simply be copied to the location of the points.

This image shows the result of using a scale and / or rotation value, in addition to the distribution of the shapes on the points.

for scaling : a scale of 1.1 means 110% scaling ; the first copy is not scaled, the second is scaled 10% wider, the third 20% (of the initial size)

for rotation, negative values = rotate CW, positive = rotate CCW ; the first copy is not rotated

For using with a pointlist generated on a circle ( Divide Geometry &  Step Around Geometry) the first point is always at the right hand side, aligned on the X axis and the path turn CCW when used on a circle or a circle converted to a polyline. If you revert the polyline before the points creation, the start point is at the same place, but the path turn CW

Requirements CamBam V1.0 only
Forum Link Copy to PointList plugin on the forum
Copyright (c) 2011 HexRay Ltd