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Last version / Date

V 3.0 - date: 11 September 2020

Download plugin

DownLoad Fonty for CamBam V1.0

Download the "StickFont Font Pack"


Download and unzip the "StickFont Font Pack" to a location of your choice, install the Fonty plugin and restart CamBam.

The plugin called "Fonty" will appear in the Plugins folder.

A text entry form will appear similar to that of CamBam's,

1. click the "Open font file" button, navigate to your "StickFont Font Pack" folder and choose a font.
2. enter some text in the yellow text entry box, multiple lines are allowed.
3. set scale factor and arc fit (values can also be typed directly into the box without using the up/down buttons if desired)

A rule of thumb that seems to work for initial settings is to use an Arc Fit value of 1/3 * Scale Factor.

4. click the "OK" button
5. click at the text insertion point

The text will be drawn as Polylines.
These can then be moved, scaled, rotated or whatever from there.
Use an Engrave MOP to cut.


By installing the Stickfont Software Demo, all fonts will be installed under

C:\NCPlot Software LLC\StickFont v3\fonts.

From there they can be used with this plugin. There are 40 fonts in total and there are more "clean".

Requirements CamBam 1.0, Linux version
Forum Link Fonty plugin on the forum
Copyright (c) 2011 HexRay Ltd