Gcode By Part Name

This plugin allow to creates all the gcode for a project in separate files, by part name.




Last version / Date

V 2.3 - date: 09 April 2016

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After unzipping and putting the .dll in the plugins folder, then you must create an accompanying text file (also in the plugins folder) called PartSavePath.txt

On the first line of that file, put the path to your desired destination for the g-code files.  For instance:

The {$cbfile.name} part is necessary.  The ".nc" can be any suffix you choose for your nc files.

You may also place an identically-named file in each of your cb file working folders, and the path may be different for each one.

You may also fill-in the "Out File" field in the machining tab of each .cb file.

This allows up to three different possible paths to save the g-codes.  If more than one path has been 'enabled' by you, you'll get a chance to choose which path when you run the plugin.

Use the Gcode By Part Name item in theplugin menu to generate the Gcodes.

Requirements CamBam V0.98P & V1.0, Linux version
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