Polyline Smooth

This plugin allows a smoothing of one or more selected polylines; it cleans polylines obtained by digitizing a bitmap image and removes the stairs.




Last version / Date

V 1.1 - 25 August 2016

V 1.2 - 17 May 2021 - for CamBam V1.0 only

Download plugin

DownLoad V1.1 for CamBam V0.98

Download V1.2 for CamBam V1.0


The step value determines the dot spacing in the resulting polyline.

If Send To new layer is checked, the resulting polylines will be created on a new layer named PolylineSmooth xx where xx is the value given for step.

If Delete Input Polyline is checked, the source polyline will be deleted after that the smoothing has been performed.

Requirements CamBam V0.9.8 P, V1.0, Linux version
Forum Link Polyline Smooth plugin on the forum
Copyright (c) 2011 HexRay Ltd