This plugin is intended to guide the tool between the mops avoiding the clamps, jumping above or bypassing them.




Last version / Date

V - date: 17 January 2017

V - date: 2 April 2020 (CB 1.0 32 & 64 bits)

Download plugin

DownLoad for V0.98

DownLoad for V1.0

  • Insert Relocate MOP between the MOPs in question.
  • Specify primitive ids with nodes to follow while relocating. Pointlists, open polylines and lines are supported.
  • Specify Clearance plane

If G1 feed instead of G0 is required, put feed value into the Move feedrate field (0 default to rapid)

In generated g-code tool should rise to the clearance, visit nodes in sequence and come to the initial cut point of the next mop.

As a bonus, initial cut points of the all MOPs are highlighted with the little orange circles.

Simulation is strongly recommended to make sure all is ok.


  • First segment of relocation path is not displayed until the g-code generated (until the start point is known)
  • Spindle control/toolchange may be emitted, since MOP inherits MOPs common properties


  • Nesting may give strange results
  • If there is a custom mop footers/headers used (with movements), result may be wrong
Requirements CamBam 0.9.8 P, V1.0, Linux version
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Copyright (c) 2011 HexRay Ltd