Texture Builder

While some of the capabilities of this new plugin already exist in CamBam (by importing and manipulating 3-D surface models) the plugin offers some additional capabilities to develop regions of texture from basic elements (we can call these tiles) by placing them parametrically over a surface using a range of basic operators (translate, scale, copy, rotate as well as repeating in linear and polar patterns). These processes are defined in a script that can be saved, edited and reused as required.

The plugin accepts tile definitions in the form of STL, RAW, XYZ files, and various image formats (interpreted as height maps), and can produce models in XYZ, RAW or STL model formats (the latter two can then be imported into CamBam).




Last version / Date

V 1.0.1 - date: 21 November 2015

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Requirements CamBam 0.9.8 L, N, P, Linux version
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