Trochoidal Pocket & Profile

This plugin adds a two new machining operations that perform a trochoidal machining to cut pockets or profile.

This new operation appears in the Machining menu and in the toolbar.

The generated toolpaths are some kind of HSM peeling. Pocket is opened with the expanding flat spiral, followed by a number of trochoidal slices. Slices are rolling along the branches of underlying tree, covering the whole pocket.

Also have a look on this topic if you want to enhance this plugin capabilities with a post processing of the produced GCode.




Last version / Date

V 2.1.2 - date: 5 April 2017 (for Cambam V 0.98 & V 1.0)

V 2.4.0 - date: 16 August 2018 (for Cambam V 1.0 only)

V 2.4.0 - date: 17 April 2021 (for Cambam V 1.0 - 64 bits)

Download plugin

DownLoad for CamBam V 0.9.8

DownLoad for CamBam V 1.0

DownLoad pour CamBam V 1.0 - 64 bits


Plugin is done as a new kind of MOP, so usage is straightforward

- pick polylines and go, just as for the usual Pocket MOP

MOP-specific parameters:
Chord Feedrate - feedrate for the slices chords.
Also applies to the movements inside the pocket. Plugin tries to eliminate most of Z movements,
so there would be some moves inside the milled area. If 0 cut feedrate is used

Spiral Feedrate - feedrate for the spiral used to "opening" the pocket.
If 0 cut feedrate is used

Minimum stepover
Plugin tries hard to keep the specified stepover all the time. This may result in undercut corners.
Use this parameter to relax stepover requirements.

Show Chords
Display the chord moves

Smooth chords
Replace straight chords with smooth arcs to form a continous toolpath. This may be useful on a machines with slow acceleration.
Not applied to the the mixed milling direction.

Plugin is experimental, use it with care. Bugs are expected. Simulation and/or air cutting are recommended.

Requirements CamBam 0.9.8 P, Linux version, V1.0
Forum Link Trochoidal Pocket plugin on the forum
Copyright (c) 2011 HexRay Ltd