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This plugin adds some extra tool bar buttons to CamBam's View tool bar strip.



Andy Payne

Last version / Date

V 1.0.4713.18503 - date: 26 November 2012

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ISO : View isometric projection.

XY : View the XY plane.

XZ : View the XZ plane.

YZ : View the YZ plane.

Other derived versions

Adds a RESET button (Jeff_Birt): Download

3D view (BR52) V1.0.6204.36853 12/27/2016 Download

(works on 0.9.8 and 1.0 32 bits)

With zoom to box for CamBam V1.0 only 32 & 64 bits Win & Linux (Eddycurrent V2.7 - 28/03/2020) Download

The "Fit screen view" option also works from the keyboard shortcut Alt+Z

Requirements CamBam 0.9.8 P, Linux version, V 1.0
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Copyright (c) 2011 HexRay Ltd