Beep Me

This plugin beeps or play a wave file when CamBam is done generating tool paths or G-code.




Last version / Date

V 1.2 - date: 23 February 2016 (V0.98 Windows)

V 2.0 - date: 14 January 2017 (V1.0 Windows & Linux)

Download plugin

DownLoad for V0.98

DownLoad for V1.0 (Win & Linux)


For Cambam V 0.98

The plugin appears as a new entry in the Plugins Menu called "Beep Me"

Beep checked

  1. set the Duration of beeping, it's in milliseconds
  2. set frequency of tone, it's in Hz
  3. check enable if you want it to beep

Wave checked

  1. click browse and choose a wave file
  2. check enable if you want it to play



For Cambam V 1.0 Win & Linux

Only Wave files are usable (for compatibility with Linux version)

Download a wave file example

Requirements CamBam 0.9.8 P, V1.0, Linux version
Forum Link plugin BeepMe on the forum
Copyright (c) 2011 HexRay Ltd