Unroll 3D object - Documentation


As CamBam does not have a machining operation that manages a 4th rotary axis, the working process is as follows:

Set up a post processor for wrapping with CamBam V1.

Version 1.0 of CamBam makes it possible to use a specific post processor for the wrapping which makes it possible to do without the Wrapper plugin and which produces directly a 4 axis Gcode, it will have to be chosen in the Machining folder, in the Post Processor section, to generate the Gcode. Two generic post processors are provided for wrapping around X or Y (RotaryX and RotaryY); if these post processors are not suitable for your control system, you will have to modify your usual post processor as follows:

  1. On the System tab of CamBam, make a copy of the post processor that you usually use (right click on the name of the post processor, copy, then paste) and rename it eg: Wrap_Y for a 4th axis aligned on Y

  2. In the Rotary Axis section of the post processor you just copied, set the 3 following parameters:

    Axis of Spin, it is the axis on which your 4th axis is aligned; here Y; if yours is aligned with X, then of course you have to enter X.
    Rotary axis, the letter that will be used to designate the axis in the Gcode.
    Rotary Wrap, should be True to enable Gcode wrapping.

    There is no adjustment of the wrapping radius, it is the Stock Surface value of of your machining operations that will be used to define this radius (hence the importance of working with the Z = 0 at the axis !)

  3. It is also necessary to modify the macros in the Moves section of the post processor for Feed Move (G1) and Rapid (G0) as well as the three parameters in the Canned Cycles section to remove the output of the linear axis that is not used (the one that is converted to a rotary axis). Drilling cycles are not used for 3D machining, but other machining operations than 3D can be wrapped too, so they can be modified as well. Macros for Arc CCW and Arc CW do not need to be changed because arcs will always be converted to lines when Rotary Wrap is enabled and therefore, these macros will never be used with this post processor.
For example, the Feed Move macro (G1) contains the following macro:

{$g1} {$_f} {$_x} {$_y} {$_z} {$_a} {$_b} {$_c}

For a wrap around Y, it will be necessary to delete the reference to the axis X ({$ _x}); it will become:

{$g1} {$_f} {$_y} {$_z} {$_a} {$_b} {$_c}

If your 4th axis is oriented on X, then of course it will be the reference to the Y axis that will have to be removed in the macros.

to edit a macro, click in the line that contains the macro and then on the | ... | which appears to its right, edit the text of the macro in the editor and click OK.

  1. Once all the macros have been modified, right-click on the name of your new Post Processor > Save to save it.

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