ArcText Documentation


Create a new Arc text

Use the menu: Plugin/ArcText/Create New to create a new Arc Text.

Fill the values in the grid to define the text size, curvature ...

Center Point: Location for center of text, unfold the property to be able to change the values

CharSpace: Increase (>1) or decrease (<1) the spacing between characters.

Height: Height of the text in user units (mm/inches)

Low Letter Offset: Tweak positions of the lowercase letters like 'g', 'j', 'p', 'q' and 'y'

MOP: Select a Machining Operation to associate the Arc Text output to.

Radius: Radius to set text at.

StartAngle: Angle in degrees that text will be aligned to.

Text: The text to place on an arc.


Editing an Arc Text

After an Arc Text as been created, you can edit it.

Use the menu item that appears in the Arc Text sub menu with the same name that the layer where are the caracteres and change the values you want in the grid.


You can use multiple Arc Text and edit each of them separatly with the matching menu item


Reverse the direction of curvature of text

To revert the text, just use a negative value for Height. You can also use a negative value for Radius to invert the position.


Start Angle



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