Dashed Lines

Converts polylines, polyrectangles, circles and arcs to Dashed Lines.  




Last version / Date

V7.1 - 30 March 2017

Download plugin DownLoad (CamBam V1.0 only)


1. select one or more drawing objects (polylines, polyrectangles, circles, arcs)
go to:
Main menu -> Edit -> Convert To -> Dashed Lines
Right click context menu -> Edit -> Convert To -> Dashed Lines

2. choose a size (in drawing unit) and a line style and click OK.

3. Dashed Lines appear as DotPolyline in the drawing tree and can be edited like polylines.

4. The size and line style can be changed ; repeat the process and choose new settings or change the value in the DotPolyline property grid.

WARNING! Files containing Dashed Lines can be Saved and Loaded as you would with any other file, the only constraint being that the files cannot be loaded into a CamBam that does not have the Dashed Lines plugin installed.

Requirements CamBam V1.0 only
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