Box Auto

This plugin automatically creates different types of boxes with finger joints assembly.



speedjf37, dh42

Last version / Date

V - 07 February 2016

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Another version, done by onekk is available here


Width / Height / Depth: Dimensions of the box. Dimensions can be internal or external depending on the setting in Box Size

Thickness: thickness of the material used.

Finger Width: Width of the fingers; if the requested width is not compatible with the dimensions of the box an error message will be displayed in the CamBam message window .

Finger extra Length: Creates fingers longer that the thickness of the material, which can be leveled thereafter. Enter the desired amount of extra length.

Assembly clearance: the tenon/mortise clearance on each side, total clearance is equal to twice the value given here.

Box Size: Choose between external and internal dimensions.

Box Types:

Space between parts: Spacing between the different components of the box on the drawing.

Comments: If checked, the informations aboput the box will be written directly in the drawing.

Automatic: If checked, after changing a setting the drawing is immediately updated

Font Size: The font size used to display the comments on the screen

Show unmodified: If checked, in cases where Assembly clearance and/or Finger extra length is <> 0, displays a drawing of a box without these changes (on boxn layers ..) in addition to the modified version.

Requirements CamBam 0.9.8 L, N, P, Linux
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Copyright (c) 2011 HexRay Ltd