Print plugin

Adds a screen capture and print functionality.



lloydsp, dh42 (translation code)

Last version / Date

V - date 26 July 2015

Download plugin DownLoad

The plugin appears in the File menu

Run the plugin, then choose the options


Fix colors for white print background: Background is set to white, and the white drawing objects are set to black.

Scale image to fit print page: Scale the output to fit the entire page.

Rotate for best paper fit: If needed, rotate the output to best fit the page.

Convert to monochrome: Colors are converted to gray scale.

Full screen/Selected area: Switch between full screen capture and an area that can be selected by mouse

Capture and print: If selected area is checked, you are prompted to select a rectangular area by mouse ; when the selection is finished, hit the Enter key to continue.

Cancel: Exit without printing

Requirements CamBam 0.9.8 L, N, P beta2
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