Entity Replace

This plugin allow to replace a drawing entity by another in all machining operations that use it as primary shape ( Primitive IDs property) or as boundary in 3D machining operations including the operations/parts that are disabled.




Last version / Date

V 4.0 - date: 24 October 2016 (CB V0.98)

V 5.1 - date: 30 October 2018 (CB V1.0)

Download plugin

DownLoad for V0.98

DownLoad for V1.0

  • run the plugin, menu Machining->Polyline Replace
  • select the shape that must be replaced and hit Enter or MMB (it's the shape that is currently used by one or more machining operation)
  • select the shape that must be used as replacement shape and hit Enter or MMB.

(MMB = Middle Mouse Button)

Requirements CamBam 0.9.8 P, V1.0, Linux version
Forum Link Entity Replace plugin on the forum
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