This plugin takes selected polylines and generates new polylines that will be used to creates drag-knife tool path.

From the tool path polyline, an engrave MOP must be used to create the actual tool path and G-code.



Billt, EddyCurrent

Last version / Date

V 5.0 - date 16 July 2015 (V0.98)

V 6.0 - date 12 January 2017 (V1.0)

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DownLoad for V0.98

DownLoad for V1.0


Knife Tip Offset: knife tip distance from tool centerline
(typically this is 1/2 the tool diameter)

Cut Depth: set to material thickness or slightly larger to assure cutting through the material
A positive value for CutDepth will be set as a -Z value.
This value would be equivalent to the Engrave Depth.

Swivel Angle: this angle is used as a precision factor
If the angle between segments is SMALLER than SwivelAngle, a Swivel move will NOT be produced.
This will make the cut smoother, but less precise to the original path.
Default value is 5 degrees.

Dent Length: ignore "Dents" created by converting bitmaps to paths

Retract Enable: this is a toggle to enable the Retract Feature

Retract Angle: this angle is used for the Retract feature
If the angle between segments is LARGER than RetractAngle, a Retract move will be produced.
For thicker material like cardboard, this prevents gouging of material during the swivel move.
Default value is 40 degrees

Retract Depth: a smaller retract depth used during the swivel move
A positive value for RetractDepth will be set as a -Z value.
As a suggestion, try 1/2 the value of the CutDepth.

Polyline direction: allow to change the polyline direction (CW, CCW)

Prior to start the machining, the knife edge must be oriented (manually by the user) toward the +X direction to assure that the knife tip plunges to the exact position of the first cut path.

Requirements CamBam 0.9.8 P, V1.0, Linux version
Forum Link Drag-Knife plugin on the forum
Copyright (c) 2011 HexRay Ltd