Polyline Add Points

Allows the user to add/remove points to polylines by just clicking the line with the mouse.




Last version / Date

V8 - 13 May 2015 (V0.98)

V9.1 - 13 January 2017 (V1.0)

Download plugin

DownLoad for V0.98

DownLoad for V1.0



Select the polyline object so it's highlighted (one object only)
click on Edit/Polyline/Poly Add Points to run the plugin. (or use the context menu Polyline/Poly Add Points)
You now enter an edit mode Insert points then press Esc to end
While in the edit mode you can zoom in or out.
Just click on the line to insert points or shift + click on a point to remove it.
When done hit the Esc key.

Requirements CamBam 0.9.8 , V1.0, Linux version
Forum Link Poly Add Points plugin on the forum
Copyright (c) 2011 HexRay Ltd