Script launcher

This plugin scan a special folder for scripts (*.py, *.js, *.vbs files). Menu items for any found scripts in this special folder are added to the Script menu. If there are any subfolder, they are scanned too and added as submenus.




Last version / Date

V 1.1 - date: 28 March 2020

Download plugin

DownLoad for CamBam V1.0 only (32 & 64 bits)


Setting up of the special folder:

  1. Use Tools/Browse system folder menu to access to the CamBam system folder
  2. Creates a new folder called script2 in the CamBam system folder as following
  3. Copy the script files (*.py, *.js, *.vbs) that you want to add to the script menu in this script2 folder or in subfolders in this script2 folder.
  4. Restart CamBam


Click one menu entry will launch the associated script.

Requirements CamBam V 1.0, Linux version
Forum Link Script launcher plugin on the forum
Copyright (c) 2011 HexRay Ltd