The principle of this machining operation is to cut between two lines forming a "limit" while maintaining the edges of the V cutter in contact with these limits. The V-Engrave operation will therefore vary the machining depth to achieve this purpose.

This plugin does not support multiple passes for the moment, so you should be careful. In case it is not possible to take all the depth of a sudden, you can limit the maximum depth with the Max Depth property, and use several separate operations.



After selecting a closed shape, use the Machining menu to create a V-Engrave operation.


Then complete the properties of the machining operation.

The array below only lists the properties specific to this operation



Tool V-Angle

Angle of the V-cutter

Note: For this operation, the tool must be a V-Cutter

Tool Diameter

Tool diameter (in drawing units)

Maximum diameter of the top of the V of the cutter. This value will allow the plugin to calculate a maximum machining depth so as not to go lower than allowed by the V of the cutter.

This value is used to do calculations if Max Depth is set to Auto

Tool Tip Diameter

If the cutter has a flat end, this diameter corresponds to the diameter of the tip.

Cutting Depth

Max Depth

Limits the maximum depth of machining. This value is a positive value representing the maximum depth to be reached.

If this parameter is set to Auto, the maximum depth is automatically calculated so that the cutter does not go down lower than allowed by the V. (using the diameter value of the tool for calculations)

Stock Surface The Z starting point for the cut. The plugin works as the Profile/Pocket operations, the Z position of the drawing is unimportant; the cut starts from Stock Surface.


Max Corner Angle

Maximum angle for the corners where a ascent of the tool will be added . If the angle and larger than this value, no ascent of the tool will be generated.

Path Step Size

Length of the steps in the toolpath.

For work in mm, a value of 0.1 gives a correct resolution with a reasonable calculation time.


An example of the result on texts and logos.

The drawing seen in CamBam

Some views simulated with CutViewer Mill.

Two V-Engrave operations are used ; the first operation using a 90° V-cutter for the shapes in white on the drawing , the second operation using a 60° V-cutter for machining the shapes in blue on the drawing.

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